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Silk Scarf for Sale!
  • Kiebortz Jewish Gifts

    Kiebortz Jewish Gifts is the place to find unique 100% Silk Prayer Shawls.  We aspire to bring unique artist and bring their art to life in different forms. Our current artist is Karin Foreman.  The media is printing on 100% SILK.  The designs are exciting and vibrant!
    Take a look at our video to see our beautiful 100% Silk Prayer Shawls…/scarf-prayer-shawl/  

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  • Prayer Shawls & Scarves

    Prayer Shawls & Scarves

    Candle Lighting, Holidays, Shabbat, and Everyday Wear
    Styles vary in 100% SILK SATIN OR 100%SILK GEORGETTE
    We also have some in Poly Satin

  • Giving Back to Israel

    Giving Back to Israel with Every Prayer Shawl you buy a portion is given to plant trees in Israel. Thank You!

  • Feeding the homeless

    Feeding the homeless. Karin and I enjoy feeding the Homeless

Kosher Tallit – What is it?

Kosher Tallit Silk Tzitzit

Kosher Tallit: What is it? What makes a Kosher Tallit? Kosher Tallit – what is it? Want to know if you have a Kosher Tallit? Or want to make one of your own?  Perhaps this guide will help you. May not mix the fibers –...

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Jewish Scarf – Purpose: Why wear a head covering

Jewish Scarf - Purpose

Jewish Scarf – Purpose A female’s perspective: Jewish Scarf – Purpose: Personally I find scarves a great accessory.  They feel great around the neck.  Scarves can warm the neck on a cold wintry day.  Also, scarves can add color to what may be a boring...

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How to tie Tzitzit

How to tie Tzitzit

How to Tie Tzitzit How to tie Tzitzit: I have posted a short video for you to follow along. With the video you may pause it at any time while you tie the knots. Click Here to purchase Tzitzit Click on the video below –...

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Kiebortz Jewish Gifts History

Kiebortz Jewish Gifts History: Kiebortz Jewish Gifts History: Why would I want to start this business?  There is very little money in selling items to a very specific population.  It doesn’t make good business sense.  After all, the name “Business” has some kind of connotation...

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