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Kiebortz Jewish Gifts History:

Kiebortz Jewish Gifts History: Why would I want to start this business?  There is very little money in selling items to a very specific population.  It doesn’t make good business sense.  After all, the name “Business” has some kind of connotation of making money.  The truth is, I have to put it out there.  While I paint, I listen to praise / positive music and I think of all the wonders Adonai has done and is doing and will do.  I get into “my zone”.  It is as if Adonai communes with me, puts ideas into my head.  Is it not Adonai who gives us talent?

I know of artists who feel the same way.  It is a media to worship Adonai.  I enjoy taking those images and producing a wearable or usable item.  That way we go beyond sitting on a bench in a museum and looking at a painting (not that I have stopped doing that!).  The art is now looked at by many people as the wearer walks around.  As the wearer we can feel the love of the art on the body.  It is the same with usable art items, we can touch and feel the art and employ it to do something for us.

This way art becomes not only visual; but also tactile.  It fills our senses to see, feel, imagine.

This is my way to share Adonai with others.

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