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Silk Jewish City Gold Prayer Shawl


Silk Jewish City Gold Prayer Shawl, 100% Silk Satin, measures 20×60″.  Spectacular colors/design by Karin Foreman.  Buy Now!

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Silk Jewish City Gold Prayer Shawl

This beautiful Silk Jewish City Gold Prayer Shawl is a Karin Foreman Design

NAME:  “City of Gold”

Fabric:   100% SILK SATIN

Color:     Gold

Measurements:  20×60 inches


Silk Jewish City Gold Prayer Shawl is 100% Satin Silk beauty and perfect on Shabbat at the synagogue.  The prayer shawl is quality made: hand rolled and hand hemmed.  Also, the printing is vibrant and detailed.  In addition, the fabric is 100% SILK SATIN.  Furthermore, Satin is very silky and smooth.  Feels great to the touch and have around the neck.  The artwork depicts the 7 hills of Jerusalem.  The City of Jerusalem is on the sides and shows on the front of the shawl.  Look below for more understanding of the 7 hills and use of the color gold.

Meaning of Silk Jewish City Gold Prayer Shawl:

Meaning of prayer shawl in Gold:

The term “Jerusalem of Gold” means to many primarily from the Hebrew song bearing this name. This mode of expression, as well as the similar forms “city of gold”, “crown of brides” (see infra) or “crown of gold” (The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan, second version, chapter 12), relates in the sources to a golden diadem surrounded by turrets in the shape of the walls of Jerusalem with which women used to adorn themselves.

Meaning of the 7 hills:

Jerusalem is built on 7 hills.







PLEASE NOTE: We all know Jerusalem is the “City of Gold”.  However, “Of” is a stop word so I took it out to enable the search engines to find this wonderful product.

Karin Foreman, Artist:

Click here for more designs by Karin Foreman.

Click here for more information about Karin Foreman.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 60 x 20 x .25 in


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