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Kosher Tallit: What is it?

What makes a Kosher Tallit?

Kosher Tallit – what is it? Want to know if you have a Kosher Tallit? Or want to make one of your own?  Perhaps this guide will help you.

  1. May not mix the fibers – non Shatnez
  2. The Tallit itself does not require a specific pattern or scene as these are of a more decorative nature.
  3. The Tzitzit made of the same fabric as the Tallit if preferable, not absolute, most are made of wool, though cotton or silk are acceptable.
  4. A Tzitzit is made of 4 strands of threads with one longer than the others.
  5. The Tzitzit is tied by a G-d fearing individual.

There are no biblical references that command wearing a Tallit.  There is; however, commands to wear Tzitzit (fringes).

The command (Numbers 15:37-39) instructs us to put the Tzitzit on the four corners of the garment.  We may assume to do so, we need to wear a four corner garment.  Therefore, the Tallit or prayer shawl assumed is worn.  There had to be something with 4 corners to attach the Tzitzit.

The origin of the Tallit is debatable.  Yet, we read in scripture and other papers of biblical times, about the tallit; albeit, with style changes from the Egyptians, Greek, Romans and such.  However, the basic garment remains with the four corners to apply the Tzitzit.  While some Tallitot styles are from the head to the foot, some are styled to end as short as the top of the buttocks or waist.  Some are sewn under the arm, most are not.  Some are very wide 6 feet (72 x 84 inches ) and some are just eight inches wide.  We have many choices for a Tallit.

Does Kiebortz Jewish Gifts offer a Kosher Tallit?

1.) Non Shatnez

There is a command (Deuteronomy 22:11) we must adhere to, and that is to keep the Tallit non Shatnez.  In other words, do not mix the threads.  Use pure threads.  Kiebortz uses 100% SILK.

2.) Specific Pattern

Though no specific pattern is necessary; we at Kiebortz do offer biblical designs.

3.) Tallit and Tzitzit made of the same fabric

Preferable; but not necessary.  At Kiebortz, the Tallitot and Prayer Scarves are made of 100% silk.  And we offer Tzitzit certified Kosher from Israel and  are made of 100% cotton.

4.) 4 Strand Tzitzit

There are 4 strands of thread for each Tzitzit with one longer than the others.

5.) Tzitzit tied by G-d fearing individual

At Kiebortz, we sell Tzitzit by G-d fearing individuals who tie the knots with prayer.  We also offer the Tzitzit kit for you tie the knots.  Click here for more information to make Tzitzit.

What happened to the *blue thread?

Adonai commands the blue thread; yet, we don’t see it today.  Why?

The Torah commands that each fringe should contain one blue string. However, as time passed, the dye (extracted from a particular fish-worm called Chilazon) was lost, and the exact shade of blue became no longer known. Thus, only white threads were then utilized. There are only very few circumstances where the blue shade remains in use in tzitzit amongst some Chassidic groups. As a result, there are mixed feelings amongst rabbis as to whether blue utilized in tzitzit today is kosher or not.  (Is My Tallit Kosher?) 

  • Not applicable today



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